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Our karaoke library which now can be found at the Tube-It actieforum is a Members Only Feature, it needs registering first to get access to them !! 

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Founders: Tonny Felicia  & David Adkins


We've created this network so that people can share all their different interests into one place instead of scattered all around the web! People can register for free on each site, so that they can share their posts with friends, facebook etc..

Registering here on the site doesn't provide you automatically access to our other sites, you need to register on each and everyone of them !!! We have stopped posting in our Video Gallery here because Webs is experiencing difficulties with commenting for over ages now, so we stepped over to our "Friends" friendly site at: Tube-It Yooco to post all our media !!!


Use here of Copyrighted material does not violate guidelines of United States Code "Fair Use" Titles. Items presented at this public place are intended for education (learning to sing, making video's and also learning languages in a playful way), comparison and discussion. Copyright holder if there is any is always respected and not infringed upon.

This site is for entertainment purposes only, there's no profit to be gained. Posted sing-along songs of great singers, arrangers and songwriters that time forgot or one hit wonders are not originals, they only have likeness or similarities to the original tracks. If you like the song, buy their CD in the music store near you or online like Amazon, Itune and others.

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